Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taiwan Photoblogging Update: More Soon; I'm Drowning in Schoolwork

I know, I know -- I promised some Taiwan blogging. I have many photos and many comments (both on the photos and on the current political situation), but I am drowning miserably in schoolwork!

For now, just remember the first image collection. I give you a little photo token now as a promise of another collection soon to come! And yes -- they are school photos! You noticed!

Here is a kindergarten class full of xiao haizi (little ones). They're having lunch. Aren't they adorable? Once upon a time, I was like one of the little girls -- back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This class is at Tamkang school in Tamsui. Grade levels range from kindergarten through high school (K-12), with college preparatory classes. My mom and uncles all went to school there and my grandfather was a history teacher there for many years too. See, my whole family is full of nerds. By the way, notice the wall on the right: the kids are learning the names of the months in English. English language instruction now begins very early in Taiwan.

I gave you a kindergarten photo, so I should give you a high school photo. Apparently schoolboys there are like schoolboys everywhere -- always having a little fun. Yes, everyone wears school uniforms. Hey...Is that a schoolgirl smiling at my Sibling as he takes the photo????

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