Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nerd Journal: Total Taiwan Travel Envy

The Sibling is now in beautiful Taiwan! He is now tormenting me with emails about his adventures. Meanwhile, I'm stuck here on campus, in the cold and wet, turning absolutely green with envy.

(The first email? An announcement that he had landed in Taipei and immediately went to the busy night markets, where he and our relatives had a million delicious snacks at the numerous food stalls. Lucky dog!)

The Sibling has promised many, many photos, so I will post them when I receive them.

For you, gentle reader, I give you a glimpse of where the Sibling is and will be going:
The Sibling is currently in Tamsui and will will heading to Taichung at some point. We've got relatives all over the island, too, so he will be soon be mobbed by what I call "the auntie brigade" that will (a) feed him endlessly and also (b) treat him like a child even though he's a grown man, and of course (c) demand to know why he's not married yet.

Oh, Taiwan! I haven't been back there in almost 3 years. OK, you know it's coming... *WHINNNNNNNNE!!!*


Marian said...

Pffft. After reading your post, I'm envious, too. Well done, young lady!

The term "night market" alone is watering my mouth. Plus, I can imagine the atmosphere.

Mad Minerva said...

I am waiting for photos to post, but so far the Sibling has been too busy having fun to email photos!

Night markets are great fun -- great atmosphere too, loud, colorful, full of food (delicious and not expensive, especially the noodle stalls) and shops and people out enjoying an evening stroll...