Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nerd News: Tenure -- the Movie!

This could be hilarious! Inside Higher Ed is reporting that a movie will be filmed -- and its plot is about tenure:
Blowtorch Entertainment will next month begin filming on “Tenure,” which is about a college professor coming up for tenure (Luke Wilson) and facing off against a female rival who recently arrived at (fictional) Grey College. (The part of the institution will be played by Bryn Mawr College, where the movie will be shot.) David Koechner will play the professorial sidekick to the Wilson character, and the production company is planning kickoff events next year to promote the film in college towns.

Brendan McDonald, the producer, said that he viewed academe as “one of the interesting worlds to explore” and said that he viewed the project as “lampooning the tenure process.”

Hm. do you suppose the film will include all the usual egotistical maneuvering, backstabbing, gossiping, petty quarreling, campus politics, self-aggrandizement, nervous breakdowns, and nerd-versus-nerd social and political gaffes? Oh, and the often-inevitable lawsuits and complaints?

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