Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Review Smackdown: British Critic 1, "Angels and Demons" 0

"Stupid in ways you cannot possibly imagine."

MAGNIFICENT, via Ninme. I can only aspire to this level of articulate verbal rage.


Marian said...

Haahaaa. "Intergallactically stupid" - I'll add that to my pool of expressions.

Btw, when (and how) does this guy breath??? I mean, if I would try to go on a rage binge like this, I'd certainly fail - and not because of the lack of rage (about, say, Germany in general or the total absence of dignity in electing the new Bundespraesident on May 23rd in particular - they really, really screwed it so badly...) but for mere physical reasons...*gasp*

Mad Minerva said...

"Rage binge"! I must use this expression in my own conversations!