Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can You Identify These Accents?

(Metrolingua, this one's for you!)

This is a really cool interactive feature! Can you identify the accents?

BONUS: You get your daily quota of Rudyard Kipling poetry!

Oh, for the next version of the accent game, it'd be fun to include Asian speakers of English too. There are more accents than just the stereotypical ones (even if I do loooove saying "flied lice"). Or a version purely of American regional accents. There are tons of different accents just on the East Coast.


Marian said...

uuuuuh... 18 points. Room for improvement, indeed. And what was your score, MM?

Mad Minerva said...

26 points. But I confess that I guessed on some accents -- and by chance I guessed correctly. And I completely missed the South Africa accent, so my South African friend is laughing at me. ;-)

Marian said...

And I completely missed the South Africa accent

That's nothing. I missed the German accent. And I can't tell those Eastern Europeans apart. Plus, I got heavily distracted by the outfits and environments. If I spot a kaffiyeh ("Palastinean headdress"), it affects my accent detections skills badly.