Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Geek News: "Perceptive Pixel" and Advanced Multi-Touch Technology

I got this awesome link from my fellow nerd, geek, and tech-addict, my own genetic variant, the Cinema-Mad Sibling.

Just HOW awesome is it? The Cine-Sib's email consisted only of the link and his breathlessly excited comment: "OMG GEEKGASM."

You can call it a geekgasm, nerdgasm, techgasm, joygasm, whatever -- this multi-touch technology is eye-popping, jaw-dropping stuff that will make any geek's heart beat faster. Go there, watch the video, and get ready to faint.


Seriously, I haven't seen this much Geek Joy and Tech Lust since "Iron Man." *swoon*


Pat Patterson said...

But didn't your favorite actor of all time, Tom Cruise, do essentially the same thing in The Minority Report. Oh, crap another toy predicted by Philip K. Dick.

The only one I'm really concerned about are the flying cars which at some point will be filled with teenage girls yelling ohmygod and then crashing into the ground. Dick has a lot to answer for.

Mad Minerva said...

But this thing is actually REAL, so I'm much more enamored than if it were only in a movie. According to the geek-savvy Cine-Sib, the company has already got several contracts.

Pat Patterson said...

I know but I decided I wanted to buy stock in the company rather than the touch screen. But it's still private.

lumpenscholar said...

As much as anything, that wonderful full-wall screen ...

And let us add voice control. In addition to tactile, I'd like to be able to retrieve a file or folder from an out of arm-range point by saying "File_name: center," etc., or aligning everything by saying "desktop: arrange one" for my first preset file/folder arrangement.

Mad Minerva said...

Voice control too... Nerd/geek HEAVEN. That full-wall would be awesome for being able to look at multiple JSTOR articles at once while working on papers... I might actually get some work done, too!