Thursday, December 11, 2008

Taiwan: Politicizing the Media as KMT Takes Over Public TV?

I've been much too busy in Nerdworld lately as the semester storms to a close, but Michael Turton is in the thick of things in Taiwan, and he posts a disturbing new report: KMT Takes Over Public TV.

In an open statement published in Taiwan newspapers yesterday, PTSF Chairman Cheng Tung-liao, PTSF President Feng Hsien-hsien and 13 other executives and senior managers decried the ruling KMT's effort to take direct control over the operation and programming of the TPS network, which includes Taiwan Public Television, Hakka Television and Indigenous Television and the China Television Service.

I do not like this one bit! Here is one of numerous anti-KMT editorials. Here is another. The issue is, at its heart, the independence of the media.

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