Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Fun Video: Pop Culture Hilarity on "Supernatural"

This is for fellow "Supernatural" fan ladies La Parisienne and the Kamikaze Editor. Anyway, stuff like this is why we love this TV show. Here's a clip from last night's episode -- itself a confection of pop culture references and parodies of TV shows.

The following clip is also for the Cinema-Mad Sibling who LOVED "Knight Rider" when he was little -- and still does. Kitschy fun! Oh, slight language warning.

Just when you thought Metallicar couldn't get any cooler.

For another Friday Fun Video with "Supernatural," you can go here or directly here. Oh, this show!

UPDATE: The Cine-Sib has seen the clip and given it his seal of approval: "LMAO. That was great!"

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