Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy National Day of Gluttony!

Carving a turkey is a skill that any good host or hostess should possess. Anyway, practically, what you do is bring the whole turkey into the dining room on a big platter so everyone can admire it (that Norman Rockwell moment!), and then you take it back into the kitchen and carve it up. Then bring the laden platter back to the table and watch your guests jump on it like lions on an wounded antelope. But I admit there's a certain flair and showmanship about carving the turkey in front of a drooling audience! If you need a little help today, take a look here first:

Roast Dinners:
How To Carve A Turkey

It's actually not THAT hard, but you need some basic know-how, a big sharp knife, and some confidence. Even if you do mangle the turkey, it'll still taste fantastic . . . and gravy covers up a multitude of errors.

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