Monday, November 09, 2009

History: A Retrospective on the Fall of the Berlin Wall 20 Years Ago

Go here! 20 years ago, freedom won.

Here is the quote of the day about that historical moment:
There will be speeches and celebrations to mark this anniversary, but not as many as the day deserves. (Barack Obama couldn’t even fit a visit to Berlin into his schedule.) By rights, the Ninth of November should be a holiday across the Western world, celebrated with the kind of pomp and spectacle reserved for our own Independence Day.

Never has liberation come to so many people all at once — to Eastern Europe’s millions, released from decades of bondage; to the world, freed from the shadow of nuclear Armageddon; and to the democratic West, victorious after a century of ideological struggle.

Never has so great a revolution been accomplished so swiftly and so peacefully, by ordinary men and women rather than utopians with guns.
Hear, hear. See this too.

From Pursuit of Serenity comes this cool link to the Berlin Twitter Wall. Check it out!

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