Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dalrymple on the NHS as Government Creature

British physician Theodore Dalrymple has a new piece in City Journal, which you ought to read. Here's a bit of it, about how the corruption of British health services by politics and self-interest:
Experience has long shown that further spending by state-monopoly suppliers of services (if services is quite the word I seek) benefits not the consumers but the providers. And they—ever more numerous—naturally vote for their own providers, the politicians. Thus the NHS has become an enormously expensive method of ballot-stuffing. Personally, I would rather have outright electoral fraud. It would be less expensive and slightly more honest.


Anonymous said...

I recommend Dalrymple's latest book Second Opinion (published by Monday Books in the UK) which deals extensively with his time in the NHS. A scary read!

Mad Minerva said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I shall look for it once the school term ends and I have some free time!