Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Schadenfreude Alert: Time To Pay The Piper, Obamacolytes

Remember how mobs of young people (like college students) went nuts for Obama during the presidential campaign? Remember how they dreamed their little dreams of utopian fantasy under the benevolent rule of the Lightbringer of Hope and Change and "Yes, We Can"? These are the same pie-eyed young fools who were recently all over campuses screaming that "Health Care Is a Human Right."

Boy, are they in for a shock when they figure out that the Obama-sized government that they voted for is coming straight for their wallets:
Health insurance premiums for young adults are expected to rise about 17 percent once they're required to buy insurance four years from now. That estimate is from an analysis by Rand Health. Young people will need to carry more of the burden of health care under the new health overhaul law. The new law limits an industry practice of charging older customers more.
Quelle surprise. Congratulations, Obamacolytes. You just voted for and volunteered to have the government be your increasingly voracious, bloodsucking parasite. When you've finally had enough, come and talk to us center-right libertarians, the folks whom you've treated as the political scum of the nation. Come and figure out why we've been opposing the entire Obama enterprise for all this time. (Hint: It's not because we're angry, hate-filled, ignorant raaaaaaaaaaaaacists.)

The "Schadenfreude Alert" applies because while I'm one of the young people who will be slammed with increased costs, SO WILL THE OBAMACOLYTES. I might be going down, but you're coming with me, suckers.

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