Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nerd News: "What If College Isn't For Everyone?"

In the current edu-cratic mess, such a question is HERESY!!! How dare you question our drive to social engineering!

But it's still a real question that needs a real answer.

Bonus: blurb from the news story and a comment by a professor:

But others say the zeal to increase college-going rates ignores the reality that many students will be in over their heads once they start college.

"College preparation for everyone is a very nice ideal, but we have a very high failure rate," says Northwestern University professor James Rosenbaum, author of Beyond College for All: Career Paths for the Forgotten Half.

"If we don't start letting counselors be candid, we're not going to fix this system."
PREACH IT. I do find it bitterly amusing that in an edu-world where every two-bit hack administrator and government edu-crat is busy screaming about how we need "diversity," they're all insisting that everybody go to college -- a one-size-fits-all policy if ever there was one that ignores the needs and goals of individual students.

UPDATE: Another heretic!

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