Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Film Culture Commentary: Academy Award-Winning Movie Trailer

Oscar-grubbing raised to a comedic art form!

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lady di said...

Oscar: you are dead to me

lumpy said...

I am absolutely seeing this one on the big screen!

(Actually, a feature film that did this would probably be the funniest thing in the last decade. Or two.)

Mad Minerva said...

It is time and past time to watch "Tropic Thunder" again and see it take its devastatingly accurate swipes at Oscar-grubbing!

lumpy said...

Yeah, Tropic Thunder was good, but too campy. There were some great laughs, but for a bunch of the time I just sat there. We really need a 90-minute gutbuster takedown of Hollywood that sends people to the ER for dyspnea, hernias, chronic abdominal muscle spasm, that sort of thing.