Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quote of the Day: On the American Individual

I kind of like -- no, LOVE -- this comment (I've boldfaced it):
America is uniquely formed on the ideal of limited government and maximum individual freedom. What is idealized, so to speak, is the genius of the individual - not the ancient notion of the divinity of rulers and government and their powers.

America is not for sissies, and was never meant to be. She was designed for the brave, the bold, the resourceful, and the independent. Designed for the New Man of the Enlightenment, rather than for the weary and government-oppressed and controlled of the rest of the world. People who wanted a chance, not to be ruled and "governed" and "helped" by their betters.
Yes, people who want to be left alone to live their own lives as they see fit! America's the land of opportunity -- not guarantees. Yet we've all but forgotten that. (And a few years ago, I made a crazy far left liberal go splutteringly mad with rage when I calmly told him that I am succeeding in life by my own efforts, without any help or handouts from GOVERNMENT. He then, you probably recall, called me "an oppressor" -- which must mean that I am succeeding indeed since in Leftist-Land there are only victims and oppressors, with no place for hard-working independent individuals, right?)

The whole blog post that the quote comes from is worth a look too. It even has a great quote by C.S. Lewis.

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