Saturday, March 13, 2010

On the "Health Care Reform" Disaster of a "Bill"

Shrinkwrapped points us to an excellent, succinct critique. Do read it all. It begins with a bang: "Sometimes the most obvious derangements of our politics are staring us in the face but we don't see them."


UPDATE 1: Read this related piece from Reason. Bonus -- it has this aside about the bill's cheerleaders living in defiance of objective reality: "The only comic relief in the otherwise grim, yearlong ObamaCare saga has been the spectacle of progressive pundits scratching their heads to explain the bill's nose-diving popularity." Just about everybody hates this bill, but the Obamacrats are hellbent on having it. It's absolutely absurd how out of touch these people are with the citizenry -- or how little they seem to care about said citizenry.

Or my favorite bit of all (it even uses a medical metaphor!):
"Even before President Obama rammed through his trillion-dollar-plus stimulus/bailout packages last year, there was a growing sentiment that the country's top priority ought to be tackling the entitlement programs whose liabilities are like a swelling aneurysm in the brain of the body politic waiting to rupture."
Oh, snap!

UPDATE 2: See this from IBD.

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