Sunday, August 10, 2008

Andrew Klavan on Quiet Conservatives and Political Correctness

Best-selling author Andrew Klavan has a few things to say about why Hollywood conservatives are often underground. Here is a great excerpt:

But I believe there is a deeper, more troubling reason for conservative reticence. The left has somehow succeeded in convincing the rest of us that there is virtue in a culture of lies, that some truths should not be spoken and that if you speak them you are guilty of racism or sexism or some other kind of bigotry. Right-wingers may disagree philosophically with this sort of political correctness, but I think they may have incorporated some of its twisted values psychologically and walk in fear of seeming "offensive" or "insensitive."

Thus they sign on to a creative mind-set in which the depiction of reality is considered immoral and distortion becomes an act of political virtue.
Preach it! I dare say this is true of conservatives, libertarians, moderates, centrists, and independents (or, really, anybody who is not a leftist) not only in Hollywood, but also in many another professional field. Time to steal that leftist slogan and "speak truth to power," eh?

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