Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nerd News: America's Top 1300 Public High Schools

Here is the complete list of the top high schools in the US. Is your high school on the list?

I am delighted to report that my own high school is on the list. It had been one of the top schools in the state when I attended, and indeed it was famous for its academics (of course, the football team reeked of failure, but you can't have it all!).

Ah, high school memories. Good times, good times. Yes, the Sibling and I, along with all o ur friends, were involved in all sorts of school activities and clubs and groups -- including a very competitive science team, in which I was one of the biology nerds (people thought I was going to be a medical doctor) and he was on the computer science side of things. Here's a memory for you: I never went to my prom . . . because my science team and I were competing at Nationals! And I think we quite possibly had more fun.

I know, I know: N-E-R-D-S and G-E-E-K-S!

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Pat Patterson said...

I shall not be waving a foam finger emblazoned with "We're #1,124" at any time soon. What a shock! When I graduated the school was the top school in the district and in Los Angeles and Orange County area(except for some of the parochial schools). At least 10% of the students lived out of our attendance area and were literally being smuggled in to take advantage of a fairly rigorous curriculum that produced twice as many National Merit Scholar as the next ranked school in the district.