Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nerd News: Lawyer Sues Columbia University for Male-Bashing (Updated with Rachel Lucas Rant!)

Here's something new from the Ivy League: Columbia is being sued. Blurb:
Anti-feminist lawyer Roy Den Hollander sued Columbia University Monday, accusing it of turning feminism into the school's religion - and teaching that men are "the primary cause for most, if not all, the world's ills."

Hollander says Columbia discriminates against men by teaching a doctrine that scapegoats men for all of history's troubles.

In a suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court, he complains that the Ivy League school in Morningside Heights uses federal money to fund a "religionist belief system called feminism." The class-action suit argues that Columbia's women's studies program demonizes men and exalts women to justify discrimination against men based on collective guilt.

The civil rights suit is the latest in a Hollander-led campaign attacking the alleged infringement of men's rights.

Interesting! Expect, of course, the usual sorts of venom to be thrown at Hollander for daring to say such politically incorrect things.

Personally, I think gender-bashing is wrong for all genders. Don't do it! Just don't.

RELATED POST: Rachel Lucas has a fine rant about male-bashing. Short version: Don't do it, people. Rant rated R for profanity, but her point is absolutely valid. The whole rant began with Rachel's comment on "women's coffee cups" that have male-bashing slogans on them. Then the inimitable Rachel takes off (slightly edited for my no-swearing-please blog):

Some have asked me why I bother getting [angry] about this kind of thing [i.e., male-bashing by women], and the reason is because it’s wrong. It’s hypocritical and unproductive. It deepens the rifts between men and women, it puts men on the defensive, and . . . It foments contention and has absolutely no redeeming value. It’s just like “reverse” racism - which we all know is actual racism - and any woman who thinks those captions are “cute” or “funny” is no smarter or more enlightened than your average chauvinist pig.

Gah, it just drives me nuts, that’s all. Like Michele said, it’s embarrassing in a way. I am actively embarrassed by the hordes of man-hating women out there doing their level best to convince every man they come across that we’re a bunch of mean, bitter [people]. I wish they would grow up and stop that [stuff].

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