Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nerd Fun: Good Ideas for Bad Shakespeare Sequels

This is hilarious! It's a jolly romp through pop culture, movies, and Shakespeare all at once. My favorite is the "Macbeth" sequel:
There Can Be Only One: A sequel to "the Scottish play" is just dying to be fused with a certain sci-fi franchise. After cutting off Macbeth's head, MacDuff experiences "the quickening" and finds his immortality at odds with the beliefs of medieval Scotland. Obviously, he can't remain king without arousing suspicion, so he hands the throne over to Fleance, is schooled by Sean Connery, and wanders Scotland until the present day. Running a tourist shop on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, he is forced to confront a great evil of the past – the witches from the play, who want to bring about the final Gathering of the Immortals for their own ends.

Kevin McKidd, call your office!

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