Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top 100 Films, Ranked By Female Movie Critics Group

It's rank-apalooza here at MM Blog!

Recently I gave you an unusual top-100 list by the Times of London, and now I've dug up a top-100 list by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists. What films did this all-girl group pick? Is the list a a big femi-radical festival of outraged estrogen? Is it a solid collection of good movies carefully chosen for their overall merit, not their usefulness in the gender wars? Read and decide for yourself.

All films are listed alphabetically. I suppose this is an attempt at fairness? Still, it's a jolt when you look at the list and the first thing you see is "The Accused," the 1988 Jodie Foster film about . . . sexual assault. Errr . . . umm . . . Going on!

"Casablanca" is included, along with a nice summary written by a critic with the initials "MM." It's not me! (I do love "Casablanca,"though!)

Oh, and you can add this post to the impromptu summer series about the ladies and the movies. It's genderrific!

Heck, it looks like everyone and their grandma is ranking movies. Maybe I should write up my own list of favorite flicks? (And you all can amuse yourselves by guessing what I would put on it.)

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