Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin on Energy Policy

I like her more and more. She's saying everything that I'm thinking -- complete with a jab at the lack of a national energy policy. PREACH IT, GIRL.

And the really brilliant thing? She's governor of Alaska. If anyone is qualified to speak knowledgeably about that state and its energy potential, ANWR, wildlife concerns, and environmental impact there, it's her.

Listen and learn, grasshopper. Meanwhile, I'm amused by all the frothing far-leftist cranks who are diving into the depths of the ugliest sorts of sexism in their attempt to attack Palin with ad hominem (or should I say, ad feminam) assaults that have nearly nothing to do with policy differences. Obama could find that his own rabid supporters are his biggest liability. Meanwhile, Palin will go on being calm, cool, and collected. The contrast will be startling. Dirty Harry, after watching the Palin energy interview, is now practically daring the Dems to call Palin dumb and inexperienced. Clearly she is neither.

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