Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cinema-Mad Sibling Recommends: "Hang In There, Jack!"

From the Sib comes this link to Jack in the Box's latest humorous ad campaign: "Hang In There, Jack!" Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the start of the story.

It's all funny and all, but my favorite Jack ad campaign is still the Meaty Cheesy Boys boy-band parody. Oh, the memories.

I miss Jack in the Box. That fast food chain just isn't up here on the East Coast. But oh, during college -- how the Sib and I and our friends would shamelessly indulge at all hours of day or -- usually -- night. (Hey, Sib -- Jumbo Jacks and Ultimate Cheeseburgers at 2 AM during exam week!)

At one point, the Jack obsession took a funny twist with the Sib getting antenna balls for his car . . . antenna balls that were painted to look just like Jack's head. Alas, this created its own problem. I can still hear in my memory the indignant tones of the Sibling when he made a nasty discovery: "PEOPLE KEEP STEALING MY JACK HEADS!" He must have bought half a dozen antenna balls before he finally gave up.

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