Sunday, February 01, 2009

Taiwan: 2 Views on Current Crossroads

See these recent posts by Dignified Rant and View From Taiwan, linking to a recent Nerdmoot on Taiwan security issues.

Don't even get me started on the fecklessness of Ma, my long-time soapbox of the military "balance" in the Taiwan Strait, or the sheer insanity of Ma's ingratiating policies toward a China that has made virtually no meaningful concessions at all. Throwing a couple of perniciously named Trojan Pandas across the Strait does NOT count.


Michael Turton said...

I'll have notes and summaries up in a couple of days. Sutter actually WAS quoted correctly but not properly contextualized.

He also made your point, that Ma has gotten diddly from China.

The best was when Gerrit from FAPA asked how Taiwan was supposed to sustain its democracy and Sutter responded that -- that problem was an internal affair of Taiwan.

Sutter was my old prof at GWU.

But the Nerdmoot suffered from the same problem that all the Establishment analyses do: no mention of KMT-CCP connections and contacts behind the scenes, the firm belief that the US can manage China, the idea that Ma has been just dandy for the US....


Mad Minerva said...

I'll look forward to your follow-up!

The idea that anybody can "manage" China is laughable, along with the glaring omissions and non-mention of KMT-CCP connections.

I don't think Ma is evil per se as much as he's being used by old-school KMT. Thoughts?