Sunday, February 08, 2009

Nerd News, Financial Apocalypse Edition: University of North Carolina's Budget Woes

Bad news for UNC. Blurb:
University of North Carolina officials say a 7 percent budget reduction could mean a loss of almost 1,700 jobs and the cancellation of hundreds of classes over the system's 16 campuses. Leaders of the statewide university system have been working to accommodate an anticipated 7 percent budget cut. The state funds the universities and is facing a $2 billion budget shortfall.

Oh, dear. UNC isn't the first -- and it won't be the last -- state university system to face a huge money crunch. In fact, I'll be surprised to find ANY state university that isn't feeling the pain.

You will recall a previous post about the University of Tennessee.

I now have the "financial meltdown on campus" blog category tag to help you keep track of the campus version of GLOBALECONOMICARMAGEDDONWE'REALLGOINGTODIEOMG.

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