Friday, February 13, 2009

A Stimulus Bill Alternative: Give Us Our Income Taxes Back

Tax season is here, and that fact has made me even more hostile.  (Do you know that not too long ago I actually had a dream in which I was furiously yelling, "I'm a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE!!!" though of course nobody was listening.  I don't think you need to be a psycho-therapist to figure out what's going on here.)

Anyway, I'm getting ready for my annual tax-rant, but for now, check this out:

I like her idea: eliminate the payroll tax for a year.  It'll never happen, of course, but I like it!

Oh, and for the record: if/whenever I get a tax rebate, I don't feel ANY gratitude whatsoever to Uncle Sam for giving it to me.  Why?  BECAUSE IT WAS MY OWN MONEY TO START WITH, DANG IT.  It's as if I had 100 precious M&Ms (and I love M&Ms), and I under coercion had to give 25 of them (unwillingly) to the M&M Taxman.  I'm already angry because I had to give up my M&Ms -- and angrier still because I know the M&M Taxman is not going to appreciate them and will probably end up squandering most of them.  Then later, he gives me 1 or 2 M&Ms back.  I'm supposed to be grateful that he gave me what was mine to begin with?  Oh, please.  

And also for the record?  You can bet your sweet hot cinnamon buns that I think I can spend MY OWN MONEY better than those miserable clowns in DC can.

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