Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nerd Journal: I Go A-Vulturing at the Carcass of Circuit City

Alas, poor Circuit City!  After 60 years of doing business, the electronics store chain is going under.  I had two nearly-simultaneous reactions:

1.  Aw, poor Circuit City!

2.  *grabs purse and rushes to the nearest Circuit City to hunt for bargains.*  Yes, I am a vulture!

Remember what I had said at Chinese New Year?  That I was hoping for some ang pao?  Well, I took my ang pao money and went shopping for deals and discounts.  And I found 'em.

Circuit City had slashed prices on everything in its liquidation, and I picked up some lovely new ear buds for my music addiction, half a dozen DVDs, and my self-indulgent splurge for all of 2009.

I got a Wii.  AND IT WAS ON SALE FOR 20% OFF.  So awesome.

It was like Christmas all over again.  Better, in fact.  This past Christmas, everybody was rather subdued and careful about spending.  I blew all my ang pao on the Wii, so I feel rather naughty for that, but then again, IT WAS ON SALE. 

Wii games and accessories were on sale too, so I got the game that I really wanted: Mario Kart Wii.  I'd played it before with friends on their Wii, and I just love this game!

Guaranteed to drive you bananas.

How do I describe this gloriously entertaining game that has endless replay value?  How about this: 


The fast and the furious.

OK, nobody tell my Nerd Lords about this!  I could be, should be locked up diligently in the Library of Doom, not zooming around in cartoony video game mayhem with my buddies.  But hey!  It'll be a fun little break from research -- take a quick spin around one of the Mario Kart racetracks!

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