Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nerd News: the Great NYU Cafeteria Revolution is Over; the Cafeteria is Liberated!

I thought this entire episode was just uproariously funny. There's nothing quite like a bunch of student poseurs making fools of themselves in public. Lame wannabe student radicals are beyond parody.

In a nutshell: some students at NYU barricaded themselves into a school cafeteria and started issuing demands for everything from scholarships for Palestinians to the right to use the bathroom. No, really! I can't make this stuff up if I tried.

How silly was this entire enterprise in delusional, whining self-involvement? Check out this New York Post piece, whose writer can't contain her contempt.

Anyway, this little college student conniption fit is now officially over. I like this headline by the New York Daily News: "'Revolution' at New York University ends with cafeteria liberated, arrests of students." FREE THE CAFETERIA! Check out this bit of it:

Many of the other NYU students who watched the revolt fizzle said they still don't know what the rebels wanted.

"They're requesting so many different things," said Ryan Jacobson, a 19-year-old freshman. "None of it actually seems doable."

Senior NYU Vice President Lynne Brown said that whatever it was, the protesters didn't get it.

NYU did not "bend" to student demands, and the malcontents were banned from all NYU buildings until their expulsion hearings, Brown said.

Excuse me while I laugh. MWAHAHAHAHA! I should also give some kudos to young Mr. Jacobson for displaying even a hint of common sense.

Greg Gutfeld links to a video of the end of the "protest," and he has this to say: "This footage should be mandatory viewing for every young person in America. If the person watching sympathizes with these students, then you know she or she is beyond hope."

Go take a look if you like! (Language warning.) Good grief, what a bunch of idiots.

UPDATE: Gawker's coverage is darn entertaining, though some of it comes with a language warning. Try the following:

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Bob W. said...

Take Back NYU rocks!

I love those guys! A team of the world's best comedic screenwriters could not have scripted their pathetic last stand to play out any funnier. Corporate Water???? That's the most patently bourgeois thing I've heard in a long time. Water is bad, Apple is good? Take Back NYU! is going to ruin the Apple brand altogether; Apple is marketed for slackers, NOT hippies.

And why did Take Back! narrow their goals when they were doing so well and capturing the imagination of the worldwide public? Why not go all the way and fight to achieve federal protection for the Cape Fear River shiner, one of the most endangered fishes in North America? Or demand that the porn industry replace the hurtful "MILF" genre of adult film with the less judgmental "experienced women" title?

If only they had not been so pragmatic, this really could have been a changed world. . .