Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Financial Apocalypse Soundtrack, Song 20: the Friendly Indians

Don't bother sending me nasty emails about the political correctness (or not) of the band's name. They picked it, not me.

Anyway, in the wake of the unbelievable Congressional hullabaloo over the enormity that is the stimulus bill, I give you a new track for the apocalypse mix. Here is "I Know You Know" by the Friendly Indians. It's a little ditty, really, used as the theme song for the delightful TV show "Psych." Here are some of the lyrics:

In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity.
I'm not inclined to resign to maturity.
If it's all right, then you're all wrong.

. . . I know you know that I'm not telling the truth.

Oh, too true. Plus it's such a cheerfully bouncy tune!

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