Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nerd Notes: 2 College Instructors Rant -- Students Unprepared for University

Two instructors deliver some home truths about the states of affairs on campus here and here. The accounting professor of 30 years' experience has some especially harsh things to say. Read the whole thing.

Well, in too many cases, I have to agree. I've run into many very good undergrads, but I've also been shocked and appalled by others. In fact, undergrads who are ready (both mentally and emotionally) for real college-level work have become the exception, not the rule. (Of course, this begs the question of "what is real college-level work" and whether standards are dropping like the stock market there too, but that's another can of worms.)

You'll recall that the flip side to unpreparedness is a weird and insidious demand for therapeutic self-esteem (remember this?).



Anonymous said...

MM, I'm shocked! Don't you know that English grammar is a tool of race / class / gender oppression!? It's a form of cultural imperialism that seeks to differentiate the (soon-to-be-dead) white male Self from the non-white, non-male Other and thereby to reinforce both the (STBD)WM's sense of membership in the socio-culturo-economic elite and the NWM's sense of inferiority, buttressing society's inequalities and girding the loins of the social injustice inherent in the system. This is implicit in the term "English," which, although it may be used by anyone, clearly belongs to the imperialist toolkit of (STBD) WMs (i.e. WASP+Ms).

What in the world have you been learning all this time!? I would think a cute, non-white female like yourself would be well aware of all this!

Mad Minerva said...

It's because I'm a race and gender traitor of the first order. Plus, I'm an evil capitalist! Thought criminals unite!

Anonymous said...

'Thought criminals unite!' would be a great T-shirt, with the appropriate graphics, of course.

Or just 'thought criminal.' Hmm, I may have to work on this. Email if you have thoughts for a cool background.

Mad Minerva said...

Oooooh, I know! Get one of those stylized people images like you see on signs and doors. Add a thought bubble with a big red circle-with-slash right smack dab in it.

I would SO wear this.