Sunday, June 27, 2010

Awesome Quirky Euro Files: Life Imitates Satire in Iceland

A spoof political campaign has actually won the real election!  More from the New York Times here.  Yep, the satirist mastermind of all this, a comedian named Jon Gnarr, is now officially the mayor of Reykjavik.  Apparently he picked up a lot of votes from people who were protest-voting against the establishment parties.  I believe it!  I would totally vote for this guy.  He named his spoof party the "Best Party."

I give you one of their hilarious campaign videos here.  I laughed out loud. You'll never listen to Tina Turner the same way again!


lumpy said...

"Sustainable transparency!!!"

That's going on my next Tea Party sign.

Mad Minerva said...

It's brilliant, isn't it? Leave it to a comedian to put a finger on the silliness of political buzzwords!