Monday, June 14, 2010

K-Pop-ocalypse Now: Check Out South Korea's New Weapon

Boy, Seoul plays dirty! Pyongyang better think twice before messing with these guys. The South Koreans are weaponizing ... Oh, I can't even say it -- it's so dreadful. The horror ... THE HORROR! (OK, I can't stop giggling now.)

And yes, unbelievably enough, I found something even worse and more aneurysm-inducing than J-Pop ... and the South Koreans aren't afraid to unleash it! I'm pretty sure that girl-group K-Pop counts as a crime against humanity. What say you? *end snark*


Brian J. Dunn said...

If memory serves me, the human rights lobby wanted to nail us for playing the Barney theme and certain rock music too much for our Gitmo poets ...

Mad Minerva said...

Yeah, I remember something like that! Difference is, I'm kidding and they're not!

I have to ask you, though: do you think the Barney theme is worse than K-Pop girl bands? Tough call!