Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nerd Journal: World Cup Obsession + Doctor Who Addiction = Perfect Saturday

I am in clover.  All I'm going to say about this perfect storm of sport and sci fi (so gloriously telegraphed here):

~The US-Ghana match in the Round of 16  (to be seen on HDTV!) -- what a follow-up to that heart-stopping US-Algeria match!  Watch THIS!

~Part 2 of the two-part season finale of "Doctor Who"-- what a follow-up to Part 1!  Remember this?

Emotional roller coaster-a-palooza!  (Dear Aristotle, You were so totally right about that whole catharsis thing.  Thanks, man!  Love, MM.)

I am having the best Saturday in a long, long time.  Plus I got to sleep in!  And I wickedly read fun fiction instead of working on my nerd research!

Don't tell my Nerd Lords -- and pass the remote control!

Bonus: I just got off the phone with La Parisienne, who -- beautiful as the dawn after a storm and terrible as an army with banners -- reported her latest triumph, which is even more awesome than her previous victory.  Now that deserves a post all its own later!  All I'm going to say now is: Do not cross this woman.  Ever.

UPDATE: Oh, too bad ... We're out of the World Cup.  But what a ride it was!  I think we earned some respect along the way too.

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