Monday, June 14, 2010

Programming Note: Yes, I Know I've Been a Negligent Flake Lately

Chalk it up to Nerdworld and start-of-summer exhausted silliness PLUS the World Cup, maybe, and add an unexpected (and ludicrous) case of sci fi and Shakespeare addiction after an mostly entertainment-less spring semester.

I haven't posted anything thoughtful and intelligently analytical in days, have I? Well, it doesn't feel as if I have. And La Parisienne had to wait three weeks for the"Iron Man 2" review that I'd promised. I'm horrible. (On the plus side, I did just turn in two massive writing/research assignments for various Nerd Lords. Whew! On the minus side, I have a million more massive assignments left to do!)

Anyway, I'll try to get us back to our regularly scheduled bloggage. Don't expect anything too substantive, though, until the World Cup is over, all right? I'll probably be frivolous and distracted until it's all over. Let's add one more track to the Nerdworld Soundtrack ... "Train Wreck" by Sarah McLachlan. Bonus track: "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson, ha!

For now, perhaps you'll take this, darlings!

Yes, that really was 120 instances of the word "sorry."

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