Friday, June 18, 2010

Weird Political "Analysis" of the Day, World Cup Edition: Soccer Is the New Opiate of the Masses

Heh! It's unintentionally hilarious. Then again, a self-important professor wrote it.

So we're not getting the prof's much-desired Glorious Proletariat People Workers' Revolution because all the downtrodden are too busy watching soccer to go after kulaks and capitalist running dogs and whatever else. Instead of the hammer and sickle, we've got vuvuzelas and soccer babes ... and lots of 'em! And, hey, on the up side, vuvuzelas (and soccer babes) have killed infinitely fewer people than Marxism.

Well, for plenty of people, sports basically are a religion (remember me during March Madness?), though not in the way this professor seems to think.

(OK, true confessions: I'm typing this as I'm watching the US-Slovenia match. Oooooh, yummy yummy sports-opium!)


lumpy said...

Pedantry is the opiate of the professoriate.

Mad Minerva said...

Too true!