Monday, June 14, 2010

Nerd News: Op-Ed Suggests, "Let's Dump the US Department of Education!"

Extreme? At first blush it might sound so. But maybe we should actually look at the argument before rejecting it out of hand? Getting rid of the Department of Education actually makes a lot of sense.

For the record, I hate "No Child Left Behind," and it has done far more harm than good (if you think I'm alone, just ask my teacher friends). I could not care less what kind of good intentions went into the creation of this monstrosity. There's a famous axiom about good intentions and the road to ... hmmm, what was it? Oh yes, HELL.

And yes, this is one huge reason why I decided to go teach and work at Nerdworld. Oh, it's got LOTS of problems, as you know and as I relentlessly document. But it does have one massive advantage: I don't have to mess with government edu-crat busybodies, who would be pelting me with "standards" (geez, here's the latest on that) and "rubrics" and standardized test scores if I taught high school, and I don't have to mess with teachers' unions (who are more or less in bed with Dept. of Ed).

UPDATE: The Insta-Prof endorses the chucking of the Ed Dept. as "extremely desirable." Indeed!

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