Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Awesomely Awesome World Cup Obsession: US Over Algeria 1-0

Landon Donovan, I love you!

You've gotta see the video. It's like a Hollywood movie. The very last minute. The high stakes. The underdog team. The horrible calls and disallowed goals up to that point.

I wish I had a vuvuzela! The US is advancing to the next round!

I didn't post about this right when it happened because, frankly, I was too busy screaming and dancing. And I'll tell you what -- that victory made grown men cry. Some of my peeps were positively bawling. (Let me add that these were, of course, the manliest of manly tears!)


UPDATE: Two of my friends have already said that they want to name their future kids "Landon" or "Donovan." Hey, why not? Someday I might introduce you to little Landon Donovan Minerva.

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