Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Obsession: England Implodes in 4-1 Germany Victory

What the hell happened?  It was just plain embarrassing in the second half.

Anyway, I usually cheer for England and Germany unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Today since they were playing each other, I cheered for England because I'm a mad Anglophile (sorry, all my German friends ... who will now rightfully mock me).   This 4-1 German beatdown of England was just humiliating.  SHAME!  I can't tell if the Germans were really THAT awesome or if the English were really THAT awful.  All my peeps and I cheered for England, and I have to use an English turn of phrase to describe our group of beautiful soccer babes in the post-defeat dumps: we're sick as parrots.

But congrats to the Germans.  I'll see you folks in the quarterfinals when you play the winner of the Argentina-Mexico match.  (I shall cheer for Argentina just because Diego Maradona is completely insane.)

I have to say, though, let's add England to the list of national teams at this World Cup that were expected to do well and instead performed horribly and got sent home in disgrace -- beginning with France and Italy.

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