Thursday, January 10, 2008

Astute Political Commentary of the Day: the Goal is Victory

This is a breath of fresh air!

I quote:
[Change / Hope / Experience] seem to be the dueling political memes of the moment. Somebody's winning, somebody's losing, somebody's going, somebody's coming . . . I don't know about you but to me this whole pile of yabble is just that, yabble. Yabble to fuel the pundits and political junkies. Yabble that keeps underemployed newscasters running around the screen sticking microphones in people's faces.

. . . Because none of this, absolutely none of it, is about "change," or "hope," or "experience." This is politics and politics is about one thing and one thing only -- winning. It's about the biggest win you can get. And the prize is using Air Force One as your private plane for four or eight years. Better than hitting the Lotto, that one.

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Marian said...

I just came across this in a German blog (my rough translation):

The only U.S. president ever to have kept his campaign promises was James K. Polk. He had promised to add Oregon and Texas to the US of A and to step down afterwards, at the end of the term. He did exactly that and died 103 days after his resignation.


"Der einzige Präsident der USA, der als Präsident genau das einhielt, was er im Wahlkampf versprach, war James K. Polk. Er versprach die Gebiete Oregons und Texas dem Staatsgebiet der USA hinzuzufügen und dann, nach einer Wahlperiode, abzutreten. Genau das tat er und starb 103 Tage nach seinem Rücktritt."