Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crybaby Studies: Germaine Greer Versus the New Cult of Crying

Greer is in fine form as she rips ruthlessly into the pewling "culture of the crybaby" -- a culture that's only grown stronger since the the "Hillary cry" that made me want to vomit. I should add that this new culture is particularly about PUBLIC crybabies.

Actually, in a way, I'm just not that surprised by the new crying-chic. The deplorable reduction of adult, sensible, rational thought has been a consistent theme of my blogging jeremiads. Plus, you'll remember the insane nexus of nanny government and crying!

Oh, and Greer has also won a delighted smile from me with this gorgeous additional comment:

Can the moral of the story be: when you're up against it, don't fight back, just cry? As if too many women don't already use tears as a power-tool. Over the years I've had to deal with more than one manipulative student who produced tears instead of work; my standard response was to say, "Don't you dare cry. I'm the one who should be crying. It's my time and effort that's being wasted."

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