Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taiwan: "Warming Up" to China or Keeping the Status Quo?

This is something of a misleading headline, isn't it?

"Is Taiwan Warming Up to Mainland China?"

It's an interesting opinion piece, but I don't really think Taiwan is "warming up" to China. Or, at least, no Taiwanese I know is feeling any better about Beijing's bullying tactics or about ever ceding the island's de facto sovereignty.

There is instead a sort of resignation that we're all stuck in a holding pattern for now, all in the status quo -- and if the status quo is de facto independence, then fine -- and OK, for the present, let's all go make lots of money in business and manufacturing and living our lives.

Look, Taiwan's not going to declare formal independence soon, and perhaps Chen's overplayed his hand a bit. Still, I don't see there ever coming a day when Taiwan will rush off to kowtow to one-party autocratic CCP rule (well, I make an exception for some KMT members).

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