Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Election Excitement: US versus Germany

One of the great advantages of blogging is that you learn things all the time!

I've been having an intriguing conversation with a German blog friend about the atmosphere of elections in the US versus in other places, namely Europe.

As an American, I'm naturally used to the way American presidential elections run -- all the colorful chaos, unpredictability, energetic campaigning, media madness, crazy primaries with many candidates, pundits and ordinary people alike talking endlessly about candidates and issues, debates, etc. etc. (plus, later, huge party conventions, then the race to the finish with the 2 final contestants) I think this is simply "normal," and I guess it is normal -- for America.

But Pursuit of Serenity says he's "absolutely thrilled" with the American process, and he explains in detail why. Please take a look at the American process compared with the German one. Fascinating!

PS: Here's a brief British view.

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Marian said...

Thanks for the link and thereby directing some old blog pals to my blog ;-).

Since you've put my expression "thrilling" in quotation marks, and to clarify things, I would like to adjust my wording by replacing "thrilling" by "overwhelmingly excited and positively fascinated".

P.S.: Bill Clinton. Is. Such. A. Dork. Not only his suggestion that Hillary might be too old for the POTUS job - I just saw a vid where he tried to debunk the Obama myth - by starting a lecture on UN inspectors and finger-pointing about 50 times within three minutes at the guy (a Obamaniac, apparantly) who asked a critical question. UN inspectors? Finger-Pointing? - My goodness, is this your first campaign, Mr. Ex-president?

With a husband like that, you certainly don't need any hostile opponent to kill your last chance of staying in the race.