Friday, January 04, 2008

Brussels or Beijing? Government Issues Regulations for Making Bread Rolls

Now does this idea sound more like Brussels or Beijing?

Here is a blurb from the news story about new government rules for making bread rolls:
The criteria described the proportion of water and wheat flour for a standard [roll] and roughly its size and weight. It also set a limit for water content because those containing too much water go off more easily.

"We found some of the stories online misinterpreted the criteria by saying that all the [rolls] should be in a round or oval shape. They were taking the criteria as if they will rule out the production of [rolls] by peddlers and small companies," said an official . . . who declined to give his name. The administration helped draft the criteria.

"Individuals and small companies can still make and sell [their rolls] as long as their products accord with relevant hygienic standards issued by the State Administration For Industry and Commerce," the official said.

Sounds like Brussels, no? Ah, but what if I substitute the term "bread rolls" with the word "mantou"?

Yes, this time it's Beijing, setting standards for "mantou" -- steamed buns. I'm not too fond of these things; I much prefer some good puffy bao with roast pork fillings. Mmmmm.

The news source? Xinhua, predictable propaganda mill.

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