Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nerd Notes and FYI: the World's Top 10 Think Tanks

Interesting list of the world's top 10 think tanks, as noted by Foreign Policy. The list is specifically about non-American think tanks.

It's nice to peek in every once in a while to see what the eggheads and analysts are doing.

Here is the list:
  1. Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium
  2. French Institute of International Relations, France
  3. German Institute for International Politics and Security, Germany
  4. Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russia
  5. International Crisis Group, Belgium
  6. International Institute for Strategic Studies, United Kingdom
  7. Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Israel
  8. Japan Institute of International Affairs, Japan
  9. Royal Institute of International Affairs, United Kingdom
  10. Shanghai Institute for International Studies, China


Marian said...


Nominating the world's top 10 think tanks outside the U.S. is like looking for the world's top 10 baseball teams (without US, Japan and this rough diamond trading entity ... what's the name again?).

One word: ridiculous.

On a related note: Educated Americans (like the FP guys) are just too polite.

(Is there any US act providing citizenship for "extreme US online flattering"? If not, there should be one. IMHO.)

Mad Minerva said...

Yes, you're right, but I didn't say so because it's not polite, hahaha!

Of course the list is very specifically "top 10 non-US." I guess the "advantage" is seeing what non-US places are thinking. On the issue of total quality comparison, well...

Nobody's saying these non-US thik tanks aren't good. They're fine. But maybe (dare we say it without sounding like a think-tank imperialist?), major US think tanks are often...OK, I'm going to say it!...better.