Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan and Mitt: No GOP Front-runner

Things are getting interesting!

We've had several state primaries/caucuses, and they've produced a variety of winners: Huckabee, McCain, Romney.

The GOP race is wide open!

The pundits today are going on and on about Mitt Romney's Michigan victory (here's one version). Well, a victory is always nice. Still, I'm simply not that convinced the Michigan win actually says that much. Voter turnout wasn't very high, after all, and besides, the vote is about Michigan and only Michigan -- even if Mitt did get 39% to McCain's 30% and Huckabee's 16%.

Still, I'm finding the GOP race much more interesting than the Dem race, which seems to be turning into a Hillary-versus-Obama slugfest over identity politics.

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