Friday, January 11, 2008

Taiwan: Voting for MPs this Weekend

It's time to talk about those other elections, gentle readers -- yes, the Taiwanese ones! First the legislative elections and then the presidential one in March.

The Taiwanese electorate is choosing MPs this weekend. I've been seeing a lot of pundit-cheerleading for the KMT. Well, maybe the KMT will do well, and maybe it won't. Don't put too much trust in pundit predictions. Chen's been campaigning hard for the DPP. Still, DPP does look vulnerable.

Anyway, the political circus is in full swing; campaign posters, banners, and signs are everywhere!

By the way, you may or may not recall the new election reforms that are now in place.

Keep your eye on the Taiwanese ballot-box. The result, whatever it is, is sure to add to the political hoopla for the presidential race.

It's a big year for election-watching -- big, big races going on both in the US and in Taiwan. Pass the popcorn!

UPDATE: Check out Michael Turton's colorful collection of election photos.

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