Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taiwan: Legislative Election Fallout + Media Mess

The Taiwanese legislative elections are in the news, and KMT did well. I'm not very happy about this!

Ramifications for the March presidential elections are not good for the DPP.

To make things worse, the media coverage is even worse than usual. I'm used to Western/international media making a "dog's breakfast" out of Taiwanese affairs, but as one Taiwan-based blogger says it this time, "the flow of cr*p from international media starts." (He links to a NY Times story that is so biased against Chen that I'm surprised it doesn't fall over from its own imbalance.)

The BBC story isn't much better. Why is evrybody cheerleading for the so-called "Nationalists" (KMT)? They may call themselves Taiwanese nationalists, but their goal is to cozy up to China.

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