Friday, January 18, 2008

Nutter is Mayor of Philadelphia

And we will all be making jokes at this guy for the entire length of his term of office.

Of course, the jokes only work if you know British English, but most people do.

Oh, I laughed and laughed when a Philadelphia friend told me that the mayoral elections were over and that the new mayor's name was really "Nutter."

Poor guy's name is Michael Nutter.

Take a look at his campaign website. The slogan is "NUTTER FOR MAYOR."



Don said...

Funy, Ken Livingstone ought to run under that slogan. 'Red' Ken isn't really a nutter but sometimes he acts like one when under the influence of the drink taken, like the time he told a Jewish journalist that he reminded Livingston of a concentration-camp guard.

Livingstone is actually a decent mayor despite his occasional antics, and he might be a great mayor if the national government would just bugger out of things that aren't their business - like London policing and above all the Tube.

Livingstone is a bit of a throwback to the 'sewer socialists' of Milwaukee who gave that city excellent local services and low taxes at a time when most large US cities were sinkholes of corruption. Livingston introduced congestion charging and massively improved the bus system - I'm willing to bet he could do something similar for the Tube.

He actually uses public transport to commute to work. It's populist and popular, but also functional from my POV. Who do you wish to make decision about city issues like transport? The idiot MP's who do it now are from Scotland or some such place and ride to work in a limo. They know less about London public transport than a cat knows of calculus. Livingsone is an expert from the user's perspective, and his management of the bus system shows it.

We're having a mayoral race now in London, and the Tory and Lib Dem candidates are clowns, sorry to say. Tory Boris Johnson is a witty clown but I'd rather elect my cat mayor.

Mad Minerva said...

Ah yes, Boris! I do like watching his antics and pranks (the time he dressed in a toga to support teaching Latin -- now that was amusing), though I'm not sure I'd vote for the fellow!

As for Red Ken -- not a bad fellow, I'm sure, though prone to saying, as you pointed out, some rather unfortunate things.