Friday, January 11, 2008

Feminists and Hillary: 2 Different Views

Take a look at this difference of opinion between 2 young female college students:
"If you're a woman, you vote for Hillary because of what it means to women everywhere," said Chanpong, a sophomore.

Carreon Aguilar, a senior, said: "If I'm supposed to vote for Hillary just because I'm a woman, that's kind of sexist."

Which of these two views do you think I prefer? Here's a hint.

More from the news piece.
Even here at Wellesley College, Hillary Rodham Clinton's alma mater and a historic bedrock of progressive feminist thought, support for the senator from New York hardly registers as unanimous. Instead, the election has inspired a debate at this women-only liberal arts college about what it means to be a feminist. Do you vote for a woman to shatter the glass ceiling and further the cause? Or do you make an empowered, individual decision that is not confined by gender?

All I have to say is (bad language alert), IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME FOR THIS DEBATE.

I thought the whole point to the feminist crusade was to say that women are human beings, people, individuals -- that women are not defined only by their biology, stereotype-expectation! Plus, surprise, kids, there's more to life than just gender.

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