Friday, January 18, 2008

Cute Critter Alert: Meet Germany's New Baby Polar Bear, Flocke, "Snowflake"

Germany's apparently become the world's new leading exporter of cute baby polar bear news, pictures, hype, and controversy. Last year it was Berlin's Cute Knut, a sweet little boy. This year, it's Nuremberg's Flocke, a darling little girl.

Here is the news and here is the Nuremberg Zoo's Flocke website. Look at the URL:

She's so sweet and little. The photographs are too cute for words. Plus I just love how the German word means "ice bear." It's so much nicer than "polar bear."

The link, by the way, comes from my Cinema-Mad Sibling.

(And yes, Knut, we haven't forgotten you, poor thing. But he's gotten so big and strong that he's really quite dangerous.)

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